An Exciting Day for Toongabbie Anglican

In recent times, God has been taking our church on a journey. Our mission slogan is Bringing, Building and Sending. We delight in seeing God work through our feeble human efforts. For, the most important thing in the world is that people know the Gospel of Jesus. It is a matter of life and death. It really is.

Again this week, we have been reminded that our world is in a perilous state. Though the package left on a Sydney ferry ended up being innocuous enough, we were so quickly reminded that we do not know what might be around the corner. We know that extreme forms of evil are around, and not too far away. And yet the Bible tells us that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God.

Jesus is God’s solution to the world’s problems. He is the Prince of Peace because he enables all to come back into relationship with the true and living God.

God can work in anyway that he chooses. The way he has chosen to work is through people – just like us, and those who have served so faithfully at our church at various times. Our desire to Send means that we also send staff and others from time to time to serve Jesus in different capacities around the world.

And every time that God sends people, he brings others.

This is why today is such an exciting day for our church. Already we have welcomed Murray and Ellie Colville as Murray joins us as our Families Minister. And today we welcome Evan and Alicia Barnes, as Evan commences as our Youth and Young Adults Minister. And our commitment to Sending continues as we welcome Ben and Jess Allen (going into 3rd year at Moore College), and Andrew and Merryn Court (commencing first year at Moore College) as Student Ministers.

I have every confidence that as we get to know each of these delightful people, we will see once again how God continues to richly and generously provide for our church.

And of course, we must also acknowledge God’s amazing kindness in causing our church to reach its budget for the 2014 year, as we announced last week. He has poured out such generosity in the hearts of many, and together we have worked to support our resource our church to allow further Bringing, Building and Sending.

We live in exciting times. Please don’t forget to RSVP for the special lunch.


TAC News, 25 January 2015

TAC Church News for 25 January 2015

If you fail to plan, you…

As January progresses, we each start to put plans in place for the year ahead. Even if we don’t put in place plans, we are still making plans. I want to take this opportunity to suggest that we also take this opportunity to reflect on our Christian lives.

How has God blessed you in the year just gone? There is always the blessing of the Lord Jesus that we can and should be thankful for. How has your relationship with the Lord being traveling in the last year? Is your relationship stronger than it was 12 months ago? Have you been learning from the Bible? What about your prayer life? Has there been progress that you are thankful for, or perhaps you are tempted to pray that the year coming will be better.

The Bible talks about the Christian life as one of continual progress. As we start 2015, may we encourage you to pray for wisdom that you will grow this year, and for knowing how to structure your life so that you might. Those who fail to plan generally plan to fail! In an age where so many procrastinate, and where distractions abound, this point is not to be understated. We are told ‘… whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.’ (1 Corinthians 10:31b)

How will you live your life to the glory of God in the year ahead? Is this the year for you to join a Bible study group? I have bought each of my kids a REAP journal this year – it is basically a structured Bible reading and reflection plan. It has been amazing to see the impact it has had for each of them, in their learning about God, in their personal application, and their desire to grow. Have you thought much about how to grow spiritually? Could 2015 be a big year for you?

Our service of God should also extend to using the gifts that he has given to serve his people. I continue to dream of a church where every individual is using their gifts to serve one another and God’s kingdom. What things are you good at doing? And are you willing to use those abilities to the glory of God?

Enjoy summer as you revel in God’s creation – doing everything for His glory. And remember: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.