Church News - 14th Feb 2016

Church News - 14th Feb 2016

Church News

Church News - 7th Fev 2016

The Backbone

Today, as we officially launch the year, we begin to consider the core things that shape our church. The fundamentals, our backbone as a church. As we do, we remember that everything we do is about Jesus.

We want Toongabbie Anglican to be a great church, but more than that, we want the world to see that Jesus is great. I was reminded of this reflecting on 2 Corinthians 4 which reminds us that, ‘we are not proclaiming ourselves but Jesus Christ as Lord’.

Our good news is not that we are worth following – but that Jesus is worth following. This is what we proclaim and teach from the platform at church, but also what we do as we teach kids and youth in our church programs. This is what we all do in our homes, sports clubs, in coffee shops with friends, as we stand up for our faith at a dinner party. This is what we do as we go into schools to teach SRE. We proclaim Jesus as Lord and king. As I talked about in last week’s sermon; we have the words of eternal life. Sharing the gospel has eternal impact. It is a valuable treasure to pass on. Together we are on mission.

What if you don’t feel up for the task? You feel weak, silly, unprepared. Well that’s ok! 2 Corinthians 4 reminds us that we have this ‘treasure in clay jars’. That is, we are weak and unimpressive like a first century clay pot - but it is the gospel that is the treasure. You and I, weak though we are, have been given this most precious gift and it is this we pass on.  It is Jesus that is compelling and not you and me. We share Jesus.

Mission is a core part of what we are on about as a church and individuals – why not pray now that God would use you and our church to bring someone to meet Jesus this year.