Church News, 5th July 2015

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A successful holiday club?

As we head towards Toonie Kids Week I ask myself , 'what does it look like for us to run a successful holiday club ?'. If it simply happens with no injuries has it been successful? lf we meet our target of 100 kids is that success (we are just over half-way there) ? Is it enough, perhaps, to keep the kids happy and out of trouble for a few hours during the holidays?

l think that if these things were the criteria for success , then they are probably not worth the time the team and I are pouring into it. We don't want to run a holiday club because that is just what we do here at TAC . Instead, we want to act with purpose to grow the Kingdom of God.

We have two clear aims.

  1. We want kids and families to take steps towards Christ, and
  2. we want kids, families and our wider community to take steps towards our church.

These steps will look different from person to person. For one child, it may be a decision to live with Jesus as their King, for a parent it may be a decision to investigate Christianity further. Some families may join our church, kids may join One80 Youth or Toonie Kids Crew. It may simply be that someone in our community sees and appreciates that we as a church look after kids well and that we contribute to the local area.

We want kids week to encourage all these steps. As a church it would be great to go into the week expecting people to make these steps and having on eyes open to see them. This is not just for the Toonie Kids team but it is for each one of us as part of the church family and wider community. Let's be ready to welcome and chat, to share the good news of Jesus and to invite people into the life of our church .

And of course we start on our knees. Would you be praying that we dont settle for a cheap view of success, but that God would use the week to bring many people closer to Him and closer to us as his family, 

Pray this for Kids Week and all the great things we do as a church.


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Church News, 28th June 2015

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