2012 TAC Launch – 9.45am Next Sunday

As our congregations have each developed in recent years, our focus has quite rightly been to also develop our fellowship groups within our congregations. This has had many benefits, but one of the drawbacks has been that we don’t have too many opportunities to gather as an entire church.

Next Sunday morning, at 9.45, we are having our launch for the year. Please join us and be part of it. God has being doing a wonderful work among us in so many ways. People are being Brought to know Jesus. People are being Built Up in Christ. And people are being Sent to serve the Lord Jesus around our city and the world. We have so much to give thanks to God for, and next Sunday morning has been designed for us to do exactly that.

In recent weeks we have been gradually meeting our new staff team. Next week we will also meet some of the people who have joined our church in recent times, and formally launch our Growth Groups for the year.

Over the last 12 months we have made a number of improvements to our property, due mainly to the State Government grant that we received for this purpose almost 12 months ago. With these works now complete, we will also take the opportunity to give thanks to God for these improvements, and pray that they would be used to further God’s kingdom.

With the new staff team quickly settling in and calendar taking shape, we will also be in a position to share some of the exciting plans coming together for 2012. With God’s help, I have every confidence that 2012 will be another year where there is cause for much thanksgiving to God.

Following church, we will also have a BBQ lunch together. I do hope that you will join us for church and also for lunch. We are partners in the Gospel, and this day has been designed to be one expression of this partnership that we share. 

I am very hopeful that our auditorium will be packed as our church meets together in this way, and please note that we will NOT be having 8am church on this day.

Finally, can I invite you to join me in praying for this day and also for God’s work in the year ahead? Without God, we will achieve nothing.