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Talks by Book of the Bible

The collection of Bible Talks from Toongabbie Anglican Church is growing (a quick count puts the total number of talks available online at 530 of which 270 include an audio file).  So, to try and make this library more useful, you can now browse talks by Book of the Bible.

Al Stewart Talk

Al Stewart’s talk from the 2008 Men Meeting the Challenge Conference, is available online now for listening or download.

Bible Talks by Author

Bible Talks from morning and night church are now archived by author (as well as date and series).

Using iTunes to subscribe to a Podcast

One of the easiest ways to keep up with Bible Talks from morning and night church is to subscribe to the podcast of each service.  Subscribing to a podcast is free, and means that your computer can download new talks as they become available.

A new podcast

Bible Talks from Family Church (Sundays 9:45am) are now available as audio files for download or as a podcast.

Commencement Sermon

The Bible talk given by Al Stewart, Bishop of Wollongong, at the commencement of ministry celebration for Raj Gupta is available as an audio file in the Bible Talks section.

Being married, Sunday 2 Apr 2006

Text and audio from Sunday night’s Bible Talk on Being Married is now online.

You can discuss this talk by commenting on the talk page.

1 Corinthians Bible Talks Audio

Whilst the Sunday Night Church Bible Talks series, based on the book of 2 Corinthians, “When the going gets tough…”, continues (available via our podcast), you might want to re-visit the 2004/5 series based on 1 Corinthians - we recently uploaded audio for most of the 17 talks from that series.

Using Our Podcast

One way you can keep up with our regular audio Bible talks is through our podcasts.