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Parenting Night Talks

Recordings of the seminar presented by Tony Willis on 28th August 2009 at a “Parenting Night”.

Using iTunes to subscribe to a Podcast

One of the easiest ways to keep up with Bible Talks from morning and night church is to subscribe to the podcast of each service.  Subscribing to a podcast is free, and means that your computer can download new talks as they become available.

A new podcast

Bible Talks from Family Church (Sundays 9:45am) are now available as audio files for download or as a podcast.

Bible Talks Online Resource Guide - Updated

The Resource Guide - Bible Talks Online was recently updated to show whether a podcast is available from the site.  Also, a couple of the links have been updated and Glenmore Park Anglican Church has been added to the list.

Are there any good Bible Talk podcasts you’re listening to that aren’t listed?  Leave a comment.

Using Our Podcast

One way you can keep up with our regular audio Bible talks is through our podcasts.

GodFinder Podcast

The Toongabbie Anglican Church Podcast of Bible Talks from Sunday Night Church has been featured on the GodFinder Podcast -  a talk from the current series “Committed to the King” is featured.  Each week, the GodFinder Podcast reviews three podcasts of Christian churches.